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When we publish an article. Some articles are relevant to all readers, but other articles aren’t. For example, if an article contains proprietary information for employees only, we don’t want customers to see it.

Following are the visibility settings to determine who sees that particular article:
1. Visible in Internal App.
Only internal Users can see these articles. All published articles are visible in the internal app for agents and admins.
e.g. “How to deal with the angry customer?” this article can not be shared with the customers 😉
2. Visible to Customer.

Authenticated users can see these articles if they have required profile assigned.
e.g. “How to reset Washing Machine settings?” this article could be helpful to the customer.
3. Visible to Partner.

Authenticated users can see these articles only if they have assigned a “Partner profile”, customers can not see these articles.
These articles contains information specific to the partners.
e.g. “How to install a Washing Machine?”.
4. Visible in Public Knowledge-base.

It is publicly visible to everyone, non authenticated person can also read this article.
e.g. “What discount will I get if I install this washing machine?”.

I hope you are aware of these settings. Let’s move forward!

This content will be helpful for you if you want to update above settings for knowledge article in bulk.
e.g. if you wish to update 50K knowledge articles in bulk.
Step 1 : Extract the knowledge articles which you wish to update.
Step 2 : Create a custom field to track the updated records.
e.g. Create IsUpdated__c field on Knowledge object.




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